The environment is our priority

To allow greater reliability in our industry, we have all the necessary
certifications to operate in a national and international context.

Cometfer is aware that the success of an economic strategy is also based on a responsible attention to the environmental issues arising from its activities, and is therefore committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of environmental performance, minimizing every negative impact of their activities on the environment, where technically possible and economically sustainable. Customers and Suppliers are constantly involved in this project, to whom We offer the result of our continuous improvement of environmental aspects, also leading to significant economic benefits.

At the centre of our concern it place respect for nature and the problems for the ecology by applying every regulation, European and international, aimed at safeguarding and maintaining the environment. For this reason Cometfer have every authorizations required for the transport and recovery of non-hazardous waste (can be consulted at the section of this site) and also has the certification of the environmental management system, ISO 14001, together with the certification for quality management, ISO 9001, the company compliance certificates to European REG. CE n. 333/2011 and n. 715/2013 and the certifying the Worker Safety and Health Management System OHSAS 18001 (can be viewed through the bottom links).

Cometfer mean to reach always high aims in environmental aspects through the following actions:

Making sure that our activities are carried out in compliance with the applicable legislation and any undersigned codes of practice;
Implementing and maintaining an effective Environmental Management System in line with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard;
Making every possible effort in terms of organisation, operations and technology to prevent air, water and soil pollution;
Minimising the consumption of energy and water and the production of waste, recycling whenever possible;
Making sure that this environmental policy and relative management system are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the company organisation;
Ensuring that the system is supported by regular and systematic training activities;
Defining environmental objectives and targets to be integrated in the operational management of our factories and in company development programmes;
Making sure that this document is available to the public.
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