A success made of ancient origins

The history of Cometfer originates in 20’s when Angelo Guardafigo starts operating in the recovery sector. In the 1980s, his son Roberto, continuing in the wake of his father, was one of the founders of Cometfer and is now the only guide of what has become a consolidated industrial reality over time.

Thanks to Roberto, in fact, we can now count more than 60,000 square meters of Cometfer Spa shipyard, located in San Stino di Licenza, about 50 km from Venice and 100 km from Trieste, equipped with a private link on the VE-TS railway line inserted in the European corridor N5.

The activity consists in improving the quality and value of the treated materials (around 350,000 tons per year of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap are managed, with a turnover of around 100 ml of euro) and transforming industrial waste collected into more than 500 loading points located in factories, industries and other various industrial enterprises, today representing a point of reference for the market of Central-Northern Italy as well as of the neighboring regions outside the country. The common relations with the exporting countries guarantee constant information on the situation on the international markets.

The firm points on which Roberto Guardafigo has always taken into consideration and enhanced are the people, considered the main resource and therefore believes in the importance of continuous training and skills, which guarantee innovation and continuous research skills. Another point, at the center of the company policy, is respect for nature and ecological problems, in application of all European and national regulations aimed at safeguarding and maintaining the environment, therefore, respect for the health and safety of workers.

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