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Experience and passion for what we do, this has allowed us to be the preferred partner
of national and international interlocutors today

A success made of ancient origins

Cometfer story began in 20’s when Angelo Guardafigo was working in salvage of scrap metal and in the recycling of ferrous and nonferrous materials branch. In the 70s son Roberto was carrying on his father tradition and founded Cometfer with others partners but now he is driving alone that which since then has grown to become a consolidated industrial reality.

Today Cometfer cooperates with more than 500 companies, workshops and other industrial units, and also it is a qualified and adeguate enterprise for more global procurement to manage scrap metal arrived from various activity and productions. It is a regular supplier to both the main Italian iron and steel groups and major foundries and refineries. It is also a competent consultant for all those companies which operate in reclaiming, demolishing and reconverting industrial areas.

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Our Philosophy

The values on which we base our activity are the same as when Cometfer was founded, and they will guide our activity in the future. Our pioneer vision has allowed us to accumulate a determining competitive advantage in terms of know-how.

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Cometfer is an innovative company in recycling processes thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, elevated professionalism and high-quality service, which are necessary factors in a strategic market.

Our main company resource are people; we believe in the importance of training and competence which guarantee capacity of innovation and research.

Through active and proactive collaboration we aim to establish solid loyalty relationships and partnerships.

Strategic Position

One of our strengths is the strategic position, equipped with a private link
on the VE-TS railway line inserted in the Pan-European Corridor N.5


  • 60,000 square meters surface of which more than 12,000 covered to guarantee maximum efficiency
  • Located 50 km from Venice and 100 km from Trieste
  • Private junction on the VE-TS railway line inserted in the Pan-European Corridor N.5
  • More than 500 materials collection points located in different productive areas of the territory.
  • A spacious, equipped and advanced structure
  • Over 40 highly professional and competent employees with constantly investments in research and technological development
  • 350,000 tons per year of handled scrap

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